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Booking portal with accompanying channel manager

Complete solution

All in one solution for professionals in rental business - Channel Manager and Property Management for all types of accomodations

Channel Manager

Rental management platform optimized for short-term rentals
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"I would describe JP team in three words – professional, efficient and friendly"
"Their work on our website did significant improvement to our business. We’ve seen a 65% increase in direct bookings from the website which has been pretty nice!"
"We started working with JP Atelier because we struggled to make our own website. We wanted something simple, user and mobile friendly. That is exactly what we got, and even got a great working booking engine, which just was the icing on top of the cake."
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October 27, 2022
Lectures, Conferences And Seminars – 2021 Edition

A list of conferences we’ll participate in, as well as lectures and seminars we’ll hold in 2021, will be updated during the year. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive fresh information about our activities and lecture announcements. 27.1.  Online Onsite SEO In-house seminar (NDA) 10.02. Online Digital apartments Public seminar 22.02. Online Digital analytics In-house […]

October 27, 2022
Influencer Marketing – Is It For You?

Who Is An Influencer? Influencer. Everywhere you look or scroll, you seem to bump on that word. Am I right? (I think that’s a YES). Who is an influencer? What is influencer marketing? How can your business benefit from it? All of that will be discussed in this blog post. Stay tuned.  An influencer is […]

October 27, 2022
Gen Z And Design: How To Design For A New Generation

It is challenging to define Generation Z, the Internet Generation, but most agree that with a spending power of more than 100 billion dollars they are more influential than the Millennial generation. In order to reach Gen Z, how should digital designers improve their skills? The digital design industry is working with brands that need […]

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